What If You Could Teach With The Freedom & Flexibility That You Dream Of...

And have FUN doing it?

Some dreams DO come true. 

This is one of them.

You’re an educator.

You might be a school teacher, a tutor,

a teaching assistant or a retired teacher.

And let me see if I’ve got this right -

  • You aren’t making nearly the money you deserve

  • You’re exhausted from all that goes on as a teacher - lesson planning, parenting, guidance counseling, and oh yes, TEACHING.

  • Student class sizes and unruly student behaviors are making it so hard for you to teach effectively… there’s little joy in it anymore.

  • You get home, drained from your day, but still have more work to do - parent emails, papers to grade… (taking you away from your family). 


  • Government legislation dictating how you do your job and admin shoving the newest curriculum at you is making you craaaaaaaazzzy!

You love teaching, but teaching in schools?

Not so much. Not anymore.

It’s a HARD job that takes up most of your time and energy.

And if you’ve got your own family to take care of, it’s even more challenging.

Or you don’t teach in schools anymore, but -

  • You have a limited pool of students you can tutor.

  • You’re tired of traveling to their houses or having them come to yours - and having those impromptu parent conversations that eat into your own time.

  • Missed appointments are cutting into your earnings. 


  • The rates you can charge are limited to the norm for your area in order to stay competitive.

Or, if you -

  • You aren’t sure how to tap into the worldwide market.

  • You’re working a lot but not making the income you want.

  • Your online presence and marketing strategy aren’t bringing in the clients (or maybe you don’t even have a presence or strategy - oh no!)

overworked, under-supported, and wondering how my master’s degree had brought me into a career where I made less per hour than the manicurist did.

We love educating students...


when you know how to build an EFFECTIVE online presence to attract students, leverage your knowledge, and use technology (DON’T worry), you can earn more money from teaching than you ever thought possible.

And here’s the A+ awesome news:

Since you already know how to teach, building an online tutoring business is

And do you get, really get what that means?

It means you decide what to teach & when to teach.

It means you decide who you teach & where you teach.

This about what YOU want. The only thing standing between YOU and teaching in a way that brings you freedom, flexibility, and unlimited earning potential is… you - and a wee bit of know-how.

If you...

  • Have lost your love for school teaching… feel the joy again.
  • Are not making the income you need from your tutoring business… learn how to make that money.
  • Are teaching what you have to, not what you want to… design your own curriculum and lessons.

And that’s a great thing.

And another great thing?

It’s not as hard as you might think…

There are “right” ways and “wrong” ways to set up your online tutoring business though...

  • Determine your pricing, positioning, & packaging.
  • Identify your zone of genius so you know exactly what to teach.
  • Layer your tutoring packages (1:1→ small group→ large group) for greater income potential.
  • Design & map your course.
  • Set up a variety of easy-to-use tech tools to run your business smoothly & efficiently.
  • Create your online presence with a website and social media.
  • Develop a solid, intentional marketing strategy to bring clients to your virtual door.
  • Plan your process for onboarding students so clients have a professional experience and trust you.
  • Decide what tasks you may want to outsource to free up your time for tutoring.
  • Take simple legal measures to protect your business.

And if you suddenly feel overwhelmed, please don’t - the rewards are just too good to let your fears & doubts get in your way.

When I first started my business 7 years ago, I went through a lot of trial-and-error & I became quite familiar with what doesn’t work (now you won’t have to) - and I kept at it till I found how to bring all the right moving parts together…

And now I have a thriving tutoring business - I have students in New York, Germany, France, Singapore, the Turks and Caicos Islands, as well as all over the UK. I teach what I love, I teach with a schedule I control, and I make more money than I ever earned from my teacher salary.

Ready to feel recharged, invigorated, inspired & EXCITED about teaching again?

We can make that happen for YOU.



An 8-module training course with live support from me - an expert educator with a thriving online tutoring business.

With over 12 hours of video instruction and regular support, you’ll have everything you need - from A to Z - to set up your online tutoring business.


How to Tutor Online


In this module you’ll come to think of yourself as an edupreneur - an educator and an entrepreneur!

You'll learn how to:

  • Recognize all the strengths you have & value you offer to students.
  • Price, position, and package your tutoring sessions.
  • Build trust & respect through your online presence to attract students.
  • Avoid certain mistakes that make potential clients run… in the wrong direction.
  • Develop the mindset that helps you be a successful edupreneur.

Module 1 gives you an easy and fun introduction to get your online tutoring business started!


Yes - you do have a zone of genius and you’ll use it to help you decide what to teach! I’ll share the steps I took and support you as you do the same!

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify your zone of genius.
  • Decide what you’ll teach and the age group you want to teach (online tutors can teach any age - from young children to adult learners).
  • Use popular online tools that make teaching for wider audiences possible - you can teach 1:1, small groups, large groups… and even have courses available 24/7 for self-study and income while you sleep. Yes, really!
  • Find online tools that help you prepare your content - like slides, handouts, and homework.
  • Break through the income ceiling that comes with the limits of 1:1 tutoring.

Module 2 promises to be eye-opening with all the possibilities that online tutoring presents to you!


One of the most exciting aspects of teaching online is that you get to decide HOW you want to teach and WHAT you want to teach - you have complete creative control.

You'll learn how to:

  • Design & map your course using the most effective framework.
  • Break your course into smaller courses if it becomes TOO big.
  • Make difficult subject material more digestible so students feel they’re making progress.
  • Determine when to use written materials (pdf downloads, worksheets, checklists, workbooks), videos, screen sharing, & audio.
  • Build wins into your course so your students feel like they're "winning" & making progress.

Module 3 is so fun… no admin, no government, no interference - you get to design your course!



While you don’t necessarily need an online presence, it sure makes attracting clients SO much easier… and that makes for a more profitable business.

In Module 4, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your own website (I promise, it’s not as scary as it might seem).
  • Write your homepage so it grabs your visitors, draws them in, & engages them.
  • Bring in potential clients through a “lead magnet”(something free and useful you develop to give people - they have to give you their email address so you can deliver it to their inbox… and then you can nurture them with emails).
  • Develop and design your lead magnet.
  • Use an “email service provider” to make emailing your list simple, easy, and fast. Move over g-mail and yahoo… we’re pulling out the edupreneur’s way to email our prospects!

And you’ll get my best tips to build a connection with your readers and build their trust in you.


And just how do you share your lessons and course with your students? We cover all of that in this module.

You'll learn how to:

  • Deliver your course to students through various options.
  • Host your course - where it lives on the internet, so to speak.
  • Take payments (woohoo).
  • Use a membership option for added professionalism.
  • Avoid the mistakes that give away your control to outside parties.

I break down the advantages and disadvantages of available platforms so you can decide which of them suit you best.


The world is yours to teach… and that makes marketing different than what you do to secure face-to-face tutees. You want potential clients to like you, know you, and trust you. We dive into all of that in module 6.

In Module 6, you'll learn how to:

  • Use social media and blogging the right way to build that know-like-trust factor.
  • Choose the best two social media platforms for your business.
  • Batch content so preparing it is fast & easy.
  • Grow your business and community by using private Facebook™ groups.
  • Capitalize on Facebook Live for better reach… if you want to!

By the time you finish module 6, you’ll have a marketing plan ready to go!


With the right processes in place, running your business can be seamless and efficient.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a professional, smooth process as you bring on new students.
  • Find help by outsourcing the tasks you don’t want to do (and free up your time to focus on tutoring - your money maker).
  • Build an agency by having other tutors on your team.
  • Protect yourself by making sure you have *these* 5 legal references on your website.
  • Provide a quality experience so your students return to YOU for tutoring as needed.

Smooth processes impress your clients and instill trust that you are a capable, professional tutor… and you are.


Testimonials support your credibility (and who doesn’t love some client love?) while maximizing your time & content supports your income potential… our last module helps you do both.

In Module 8, you'll learn how to:

  • Ask the best questions to get the most helpful feedback from your clients.
  • Collect, edit, and use your testimonials.
  • Incorporate written, video & audio testimonials.
  • Make your course “evergreen” (as in, always available).
  • Market an evergreen course successfully.

Evergreen courses help you break through that income ceiling of live tutoring. And even if you decide not to try an evergreen course just yet, know that you can when you’re ready.

When you enroll in How to Tutor Online,

you get mentoring with me, plus:


Learn at a pace that is manageable for you. If you like to absorb a little at a time, or as your hectic schedule allows, go through it slowly. If you prefer to dig in and immerse yourself in the lessons, nobody will stop you. Whether you have 1 hour a week or 10, you get to do this program at the pace that works for you… and you’ll never lose access to the training.



Each lesson is delivered in video format (MP4), audio (MP3), and in a slide deck (PDF). The entire course is digital and that means you can access it 24/7. Night owls and early birds - you’re all taken care of. Plus, the audios and slide decks are downloadable - that means you don’t always need to be connected to the internet to learn… listen while you drive… read while you cozy up on the couch.


Remember those university days of huge student classes and aloof professors who didn’t even know your name? That doesn’t happen here. How to Tutor Online is a personalized course where you get attention, advice, and feedback from me all along the way.

I also host weekly Q+A calls where you get your questions answered, plus hear what others are asking so you all learn from each other!


The How to Tutor Online Private Facebook™ group is a nurturing place for us to gather. You can give and receive support - you’re invited to share your challenges & triumphs, your questions & confusions, and have some fun along the journey.

Participation in the private FB group isn’t required, but it will accelerate your learning as you connect with me & the other students... plus, it’s a valuable networking opportunity!

Let’s build you a profitable

online tutoring business you love!

Now I know all too well that teachers historically have little income to spare… so I’ve done my best to keep the investment price reasonable… I even offer a 3-month payment plan.

  • Over 25 video lessons organized into 8 modules - each with an audio and pdf download (£4000 value)

  • Training in digital marketing and website building (£1000 value)

  • Ongoing regular support with me as your instructor… I like to think this is priceless

  • PDF planners & other resources gathered already so you don’t have to scout around online or make your own (£350 value)

  • Private Facebook group for peer support, sharing, connection, and fun… invaluable (you’ll see this is one of the most-loved features of the program!)

So, maths teachers out there - do the maths for us…

How to Tutor Online is worth more than £5000.

But that would be crazy-expensive for most teachers. Sooo….

I’m making it available to you for only

And there’s still more...

I haven’t told you about the BONUSES I have for you!

When you join How to Tutor Online you get

these 3 gold-star BONUSES…

FB Ads Training (value £197)

Learn how to use Facebook ads to attract more students! A 7-module bonus, this could be a video course packaged separately, but I want you to have it. Facebook ads are a powerful way to bring in more students, and they’re fun to boot!

Canva Training (value £57)

Design professional-looking worksheets, handouts, slides, images, & more with this creative software program (and it’s free to use). This is the graphic designer’s nemesis (with Canva, we can do it ourselves!)

Story-Telling (value £49)

Since time began, humans have told stories. The power of stories is everywhere - we’re hard-wired for them. And by leveraging our story, our uniqueness - in online lessons and in how we brand ourselves - we make a strong connection with prospective and current students and help our reputation soar. In this bonus module we look at exactly how to do that.

So now you have a course valued at more than £5000,

plus 3 bonuses valued at more than £300.

And you can have all of it for only...

"The course has given me a clear direction, I know exactly what I want to teach now - before I was all over the place and wanted to teach everything.

The course materials are excellent and I love that you can move back and forth on them, and go at your own pace."

-- Elena Roveglia, Languages teacher, UK

"I needed a solution to leave the classroom whilst still making a contribution to education - this is perfect.

In a short space of time I've made huge progress. My head is spinning and I'm too excited to sleep!

I'm so grateful to you for putting this together, it's amazing.”

-- Fiona Vallance, Maths Teacher, Scotland

"The course site is beautiful and enjoyable to use. The Facebook Group is the best bit - I like the interaction with you and especially your encouragement, it's so motivating. I've made a lot of progress."

-- Kathryn Lauder, Piano Teacher,

New Zealand

You’re an educator.

You might be a school teacher, a tutor,

a teaching assistant or a retired teacher.

It’s no secret that most of the world’s education systems are broken. It’s no different in Scotland, where I live. My passion for teaching hadn’t prepared me for the piles of administrative paperwork, the tedium of working with the same curriculum year after year, the tyranny of bells that always rang just when I was getting to the good stuff.

Nevertheless, I stayed because I loved my students.

I plugged along for eight years, but when my children came along, I wanted to work from home, on my own schedule, with an hourly wage that would let me support my growing family. And so I became a freelance writer.

But… I found myself missing my students more & more.

I started researching my options. I soon discovered that with technology and the power of the internet I could teach anyone, anywhere in the world, from the comfort of my home or using the Wifi at the hotel on a family holiday.

I also realised that I could tutor more than one student at a time and that meant I could help more students - and make a higher income.

I soon enlisted other ambitious tutors and formed the Star Student Online School. Together, we harnessed the power of technology to facilitate learning all around the world. We continue to enjoy the financial rewards and flexibility with our online tutoring business!

These days, I get emails from countless tutors and teachers, saying they want to tutor/teach online, but they’re just not sure how or where to start.

And that’s why I created How to Tutor Online, to give you everything you need to know to build a profitable tutoring business YOU love!

"Will I be able to tutor online when I finish the course?"

If you take your time and commit to the learning process… yes! It’s all there for the taking.

"How long will it take to complete the course?"

All 8 modules are released at the same time so you can work at your own pace. I do think you need time to pull it together and make it the very best it can be though. If you do your homework and action the lessons set then you can be up and running with your own Online Tutoring Business in 30 days or less!

"I'm not techy at all…

will that be a problem?"

We have step by step lessons taking you through each part you need – you’re not alone! As long as you’re open to learning some basics, you’ll be fine.

"What happens when

I pay and enrol?"

Immediately after payment you’ll receive access to the How to Tutor Online Course membership site where all the modules and bonuses will be.

"I have a question,

who should I ask?"

Me! My email address is deany @starstudent.co.uk

"I went from not even on the radar to signing up in a week - and I'm so glad I did.

I've loved meeting others in the same boat and I've learned so much from their efforts too.

The quality of the course was excellent but I loved that it wasn't perfect, you said in a few places - 'oops, skipped a bit, let me go back ' which came across as natural and not like you were an anonymous, 'professional' voice.

I love that you keep adding links in the FB group for us to see more specific things that we need. I really feel that you're in there with us and that's very encouraging.

To not feel alone on this huge new venture is very reassuring.

I love that you're like me and I never feel like you're looking down on me for my techno unsaviness! I feel it could be overwhelming but your working alongside us and your availability takes the overwhelm away.

The course is very user-friendly.

The Facebook Group - I feel as if I’m making new friends who I'll stay in touch with for years to come - I love that everyone's sharing their lessons - it inspires me to take the next step. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone."

-- Tracey Piggott, Maths teacher, Australia

Whether you’ve been teaching for 2 years, 12 years, or 32 years...

Whether you tutor already...

Whether you’re retired…

This course is perfect for you!

A few years back Forbes wrote:

  • “Global tutoring market has soared - to become a $102 billion industry.”

  • “Many parents of primary or secondary school students find in-person tutoring to be inconvenient, costly… and lacking in quality selection, especially compared to the wider range of tutors found online."

  • “Surveys of today's tech-obsessed students show that they prefer online to in-person tutoring.”

Forbes also predicted that the demand for tutoring will grow as parents & schools

become less effective in preparing students for success - both in college and in life.

So congratulations to you for recognising a smart opportunity when you see one.

How to Tutor Online includes...

8 actionable modules with over 25 lessons delivered via video,

audio download, and pdf download:

Lessons included in this module:

  • Anatomy of an Online Tutoring Business
  • Packaging, Pricing and Positioning
  • Outsourcing

Lessons included in this module:

  • Leveraging Your Uniqueness
  • Classes, Study Hall, and VIPs

Lessons included in this module:

  • From Outline to Online
  • Organisational Tools
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Contributors

Lessons included in this module:

  • Websites
  • Your About Page
  • Lead Magnets
  • Opt-in Page
  • Email
  • SEO

Lessons included in this module:

  • Platforms Available

Lessons included in this module:

  • Blog
  • List-building
  • Social media
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Live

Lessons included in this module:

  • How to Get Paid
  • Onboarding Students
  • Hiring Other tutors
  • Legals

Lessons included in this module:

  • Evergreen Your Course
  • Testimonials

3 Exclusive bonuses to boost your business

FB Ads Training

Canva Training


Plus support from me via email, weekly live Q&A calls, and in our private Facebook group!

All for an investment of only

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